Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin Tuna

The Giant Bluefin tuna and school Bluefin tuna fishery has been fantastic off of Gloucester,MA. Small and medium tuna (under 73”) range from 30 to 225 pounds with the Giant Bluefin (over 73″) ranging from 250 to 1,000 pounds. We have been very successful trolling, as well drifting live bait or setting the anchor on the edge. The boat’s sonar gives us a great advantage in finding pods of tuna that are feeding below the surface. We will use a combination of different fishing gear depending on what you are looking for and the conditions. The Giant Bluefin tuna have been showing up consistently each year, we will fight the larger tuna right out of the swivel base rod holder which creates a pretty exciting fight. Its truly like hooking into a Volkswagen there power and strength is amazing! We fight all tuna on top of line Shimano Tiagra gear and custom rods. This is as exciting and challenging as fishing gets landing one of these Bluefin tuna will truly create a memory of a lifetime!

Best times for Gloucester tuna fishing is July through October with June being a good month as well depending on how mild the winter was. Tuna season opens June 1st and we will fish into November.

Federal regulations provide that the boat can keep three Bluefin tuna measuring 27 to 47 inches and one fish 47 to 73 inches and three fish 73 inches and over. Any fish over 73 inches are property of the boat and must be sold to a authorized dealer mandated by federal regulations. We are anticipating a good mix of different size class tuna. Additionally each year we hook some true Giants that can range from 600-1,000 pounds! As we are starting to catch more fish over 73”, we will return 10% of the net proceeds of the sale of the fish to the customer up to the max of charter fee paid.

Full Day Bluefin Tuna Charter Price (10hrs) $1450

Bluefin Tuna Marathon Day Price (12+hrs) $1750

– For up to six persons –

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