Karen Lynn Charters Featured In May 2011 Issue Of Saltwater Sportsman Magazine !

Check it out, as myself Captain Collin MacKenzie and the Karen Lynn were featured in the May 2011 Pro issue of Saltwater Sportsman Magazine on “How to target Boston Bluefin” !

Saltwater Sportsman Magazine May 2011 Pro Issue Karen Lynn Article !

1/7/2011 Karen Lynn Charters Great 2010 Season !

The Karen Lynn enjoyed a great 2010 Season! Most of our days were spent on the water as we enjoyed the beautiful weather. Fishing was excellent as well! Our charter groups enjoyed world class Blue Fin Tuna Fishing, Ground Fishing, and Striped Bass Fishing.

This season a large variety of Blue Fin Tuna arrived close to home. We saw many schools of tuna in a variety of different sizes. On any given day you had a shot of landing a fish of a lifetime. There were very few days were we did not encounter excellent tuna action! On those quiet days where there was not much tuna activity we switched gears and headed for an afternoon of Ground Fishing. Once we arrived to our new location the rods were quickly bending with much fun and excitement had by all!

If the Karen Lynn was not out tuna fishing or ground fishing we were out looking for those monster striped bass. Whether we were using live bait or chumming there was great action to be had. Many days we landed multiple trophy Striped Bass. One of the largest stripers was caught on a charter weighing in at 48 lbs his first bass he had ever caught!

Karen Lynn had a great season for sure, and I have high hopes for 2011! The fish will return and they will be larger! We will be back fishing in April, enjoying those early season Haddock and looking forward to the opening of Cod season on April 15. A great way to shake off the cabin fever and enjoy the beautiful New England spring days!

Thanks to all of you who joined us aboard the Karen Lynn. I am looking forward to many great adventures in 2011!

Capt Collin
Karen Lynn Charters

bluefin tuna

10/1/2010 Karen Lynn Charters Fishing Report Gloucester,MA !

We have been enjoying great fishing and beautiful weather this past month. With great fishing action all the way around ! People have been enjoying some great tuna/cod combo trips as it is a great way to mix things up. If the tuna fishing is slow or you have gotten your tuna fix for the day the bottom fishing grounds are not to far away. Put the tunes on and drop the lines as everyone will get a chance to bend the rod and take home some great table fare as well. Plenty of great fishing left to be had as it is shaping up for some great fall tuna fishing, with the mackerel moving back in we are hoping to see some great action. You have to love those beautiful crisp fall days when the fishing action can be non stop at times ! We have great dates still available feel free to call or e mail us with any questions you may have booking your trip with Karen Lynn Charters. Good Luck to all !

Capt Collin
Gloucester, MA Giant bluefin tuna fishing Karen Lynn Charters

giant bluefin tuna Karen Lynn Charters Gloucester, MA
dressing giant bluefin tuna Karen Lynn Charters

cod and haddock fishing Gloucester, MA Karen Lynn Charters

deep sea fishing Gloucester, MA Karen Lynn Charters
cod and haddock fishing Karen Lynn Charters Gloucester, MA

7/28/2010 Karen Lynn Charters Fishing Report Great Striped Bass,Tuna and Cod Fishing !

karen lynn charters,striped bass,fishing,gloucester,massachusettsstriped bass fishing Massachusetts Karen Lynn Charterscod and haddock fishing Gloucester, MA Karen Lynn ChartersWe have been enjoying some great fishing the past week. As the ocean is exploding with life both inshore and offshore, as there has not been a trip yet including Striped Bass where we have not seen the Tuna chasing the small baits all over the place.

Due to the exciting appearance of the spike mackerel, which have not been around in over five years which have now shown up in large numbers and seem to be all over. Beautiful 3 to 5 inch spike macks which are as fast as can be, explaining the amazing tuna feeds and aerial displays we have been witnessing.

The tuna are up and down quick as the spike mackerel will not ball up as easily and create such an easy target as the small herring will. Both the small herring and the spike mackerel are around which at times paying attention you can tell which type of feed the tuna are on by how aggressive they are feeding. One clear sign is after a good feed drive over the spot and if they are on the herring you will clearly see a large scale shower, in turn helping you dial in your choice lures for the day and the area you are working.
I’m amazed at how close to shore they have been having them blow up in 35 feet of water, at times seeming oblivious to there location being so focused on chasing the spike mackerel very exciting to see.

We have been running some great Tuna/Cod combo trips as well as Tuna/Striped Bass combo trips which make for a great day on the water. I hope everyone is getting out there and enjoying truly world class fishing we have here right in our backyard. As it seems this year you never know what you will come across from a Great White to a Killer Whale. Good Luck to all !

Capt Collin
Karen Lynn Charters

Karen Lynn Charters Great Striped Bass Fishing Gloucester,MA !

Inshore Bass fishing has been great as we have had an exciting last couple of weeks. As the small bait and the mackerel continue to stick around more bass seem to be showing up. With some true trophy class Stripers mixed in. On one of our charters last week we had a gentlemen who had never caught a fish before never, land a beautiful 47″ 45+lb monster not bad for a first fish ! We joked as we told him he should just hang it up now. A few Bluefish have moved in not to many and I hope it stays that way, would be nice to see the bait stick around a bit. Plenty of life inshore get out there and enjoy it. Good luck to all !

Capt Collin

Karen Lynn Charters Bluefin Tuna Fishing Report Gloucester,MA !

Another great day on the water as we were back at again yesterday. Once again we would be heading out in the pea soup fog, could not even see the bridge from the slip felt like we were trapped in a bubble the last couple of days. It finally lifted in the afternoon and the sun popped no doubt a mood changer for sure. Marking a decent amount of fish bouncing off the bottom feeding in the tightly packed groups of sand eels, which have not moved off the bottom much at all. Which would explain the lack of whales and birds on the bank once the temp comes up a little they should become more active.

We were quickly on a fish a half hour into fishing which is always a nice thing. Very hard fighting fish once again taking some good initial runs which create that beautiful noise we all live to hear. The fish we landed and released were in the 70 inch to 71 inch class a little smaller than the previous day. Very tough to gauge an accurate measurement while the tuna is in the water and while we are out commercial fishing we want to make sure we get it right.

We practiced a great catch and release method which has been successfully done for years a very exciting method for sure. Once we get the fish boat side which is averaging around a 10 to 20 min fight the tuna still being very green. We lay down a nice smooth tarp to keep the non skid from removing any slime or scales at all, quickly open the tuna door and slide them in. Having a small wet cloth to quickly drop over their eyes and having our large wash down pump fired up. We then drop the cloth which really keeps them calm and quickly insert the wash down hose into the mouth, on the Karen Lynn we have a large wash down hose which runs off the engine which pushes a great deal of water over their gills very important as tuna are ram breathers and must have water running over their gills. We take a very quick and accurate measurement of the fish, not over 73 inches we quickly put the boat in gear and gently push them out the door having each one kick off very healthy a nice feeling, a very neat and exciting practice for sure we seem get better each time we do it.

Fishing continues to be good hopes of more fish moving onto the bank and settling in. The bass have arrived on the bank lots of them as you will see large packs of them streaking on the fish finder. Ocean life continues to improve as both predator and prey will be in full swing very soon. Good luck to all !

Capt Collin

Karen Lynn Charters Tuna Fishing Report Gloucester,MA !

Great day on the water today as we put our first commercial keeper on board 75″, as well as catching and releasing three others in the 70″ range. Great start to the season as it is only June 2, I hope it keeps up. This is our class of fish returning in the 70″ range and they will certaintly be tackle testers especially in June when they are lean and mean pulling 35 to 40lbs of drag on the intial run pretty fast. Good reports up north as well as down south of smaller class fish showing up as well always great to hopefully see the cycle starting over! Make sure your gear is tip top if your are planning to tackle these fish on light and spinning gear as they will put you and your tackle to the test. You may want to re new that gym membership after all. Good luck guys as it is shaping up to be a great season. Good luck to all!

Capt Collin

Karen Lynn Charters Great Striped Bass Fishing !

Great Striped Bass fishing yesturday as the ocean is starting to come to life in all aspects ! This is one of my favorite times of the year seeing the bait fish arrive with the predators right on thier tail. Plenty of Mackerel out there to be had and yes the Stripers have certaintly found them. Always exciting seeing the Mackerel chased to the surface followed by a big explosion gets the blood pumping for sure. Nice mix of Bass moving in right behind the Mackerel with sizes ranging from 28″ with our largest being about 36″. Of course you get the courageous schoolies who always amaze me on the size of the Mackerel they are willing to attack. Back at our slip last night the switch was flipped as the bass were going crazy splashes all over the place as well as right next to the boat as they were chasing the small bait fish that collected to our underwater light. Action is certaintly heating up gotta love it. Good luck to all !
Capt Collin

5/7/2010 Karen Lynn “Here We Go”


      The Karen Lynn is off and running as we had our first charter on Friday. After a long winter and much boat preparation it sure feels nice to get back out on the water. Along with routine boat maintenance on the Karen Lynn we re painted and added new non skid to the deck as well as new L.E.D deck lights and sweet new Bose speakers for the cock pit. Very excited to get the 2010 season going!
      On Friday we headed out to the bank for some ground fishing with our group from Connecticut. As the morning started off slow with a slow pick on cod we decided to run further down the bank coming across groups of feeding hump backs. In with the whales were schools of large Pollack feeding on sand eels and mackerel as the mackerel were jumping on the cod teasers as we came across small bunches of mackerel through out the day. The Pollack a.k.a Boston bluefish were very aggressive to say the least hitting jigs and teasers 20′ under the boat. As far as ground fishing goes switching up to lighter gear and butterfly jigs can be quite a blast with these large drag pulling Pollack great table fare as well.
      We ended up the day finding a few more nice bunches of cod with a few haddock. Great day overall as the bank is showing great signs of life catching cod, haddock, Pollack, and mackerel all while being surrounded by bubble feeding humpbacks. Truly an amazing event in nature as sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy it.
      Ran into much life inshore on the steam home as there were feeding minkie whales only a few miles off of the breakwater. Marked lot’s of bait up off the bottom assuming small herring, along with coming across small batches of mackerel which should become more plentiful very soon. Action will continue to heat up as the predators are not very far behind!

Feel free to give me a call anytime regarding your custom charter aboard the Karen Lynn. Thanks
Good Luck to all!

Capt Collin

Karen Lynn Charters Tuna Fishing Report Gloucester,MA !

Stellwagen bank continues to produce world class fishing!

Our last couple of trips produced multiple catches on both Saturday and Tuesday.
On both trips we were seeing plenty of life, with fish busting here and there as soon as we left Gloucester Harbor.

We are enjoying some great November weather, with plenty of fish left still actively feeding on the bank.

Boy are these fish fat!. It’s truly amazing to witness the amount of girth the blue fin tuna puts on over the course of the summer.
These mid November tuna develop into the nicest quality fish you will see. It doesn’t get much better! They have amazing oil content and great fat throughout.
The fish that we boated on one trip was 71″. Next trip we boated the cookie cutter fish of this year at 67″.

They sure do fight tough in that cold water! We are hoping for some more nice weather to get a couple more shots in.

Good luck to all!
Captain Collin