Karen Lynn Charters Tuna Fishing Report Gloucester,MA !

Great day on the water today as we put our first commercial keeper on board 75″, as well as catching and releasing three others in the 70″ range. Great start to the season as it is only June 2, I hope it keeps up. This is our class of fish returning in the 70″ range and they will certaintly be tackle testers especially in June when they are lean and mean pulling 35 to 40lbs of drag on the intial run pretty fast. Good reports up north as well as down south of smaller class fish showing up as well always great to hopefully see the cycle starting over! Make sure your gear is tip top if your are planning to tackle these fish on light and spinning gear as they will put you and your tackle to the test. You may want to re new that gym membership after all. Good luck guys as it is shaping up to be a great season. Good luck to all!

Capt Collin