Tuna, Striped Bass, Cod Fishing Karen Lynn Charters 2012 Season Review!

The Karen Lynn enjoyed a great 2012 season! Beautiful North Shore weather was upon us most days creating great times spent on the water. Exceptional amounts of life wherever you went. Large numbers of baitfish, the most I have seen in quite some time. This set the stage for some great fishing action!

Ground fishing began mid April with many charters enjoying non stop action reeling up nice New England Cod and Haddock.

Striped Bass fishing was very productive as well, producing many trophy sized Bass. Striped Bass season starts in June. As the bait starts to show up the Stripers aren’t far behind them. There is nothing like seeing a monster bass come up and crash on your bait! It is always a fun time out there going after our most prized game fish the Striped Bass.

The Blue fin Tuna season starts in June as well, what a exciting season it was! Tons of life bait, birds, whales, and of course tuna. A great show of tuna this year with many different size classes of fish showing up right outside of Gloucester, MA. We were very excited to see a good amount of the smaller class fish move in. The school Blue fin Tuna always creates a great opportunity for a exciting day on the water. The Blue Fin Tuna is a very tough fighting and beautiful fish to say the least! The Karen Lynn landed tuna this year ranging from the smallest being 39 inches and the largest taping out at 116 inches. It’s always a exciting trip filled with the anticipation of catching the toughest fighting fish in the ocean. Going home with some of the finest sushi in the world is just a bonus! Reeling one of these beautiful creatures in is truly a memory that one will not soon forget.

We are looking forward to next season with high hopes of more excellent fishing. Thank you to all our returning and new clients who joined us this year aboard the Karen Lynn.


Some great photos attached from our 2012 Season !

bluefin tuna fishing Karen Lynn Charters Gloucester, MA
Gloucester, MA Giant bluefin tuna fishing Karen Lynn Charters

bluefin tuna fishing Gloucester, MA Karen Lynn Charters
tuna fishing Massachusetts Karen Lynn Charters

Gloucester, MA Karen Lynn Charters Striped Bass Fishing

striped bass fishing Massachusetts Karen Lynn Charters

striped bass fishing massachusetts Karen Lynn Charters

karen lynn charters,striped bass,fishing,gloucester,massachusetts