Tuna Trip Saturday June 21st-slow bite

We pushed off the dock at 3:00 AM with Christian Bilodeau and his small group from central Mass. We headed right back to the Northwest Corner at had line is the water trolling by first light. We found that the bite had slowed down since Wednesday and we had the added disadvantage of well over a hundred boats trolling a couple of square miles. About 6:00 AM we got a call from another captain to get right up on the bank a couple of miles down and we immediately started marking tuna and huge balls of bait. After one knockdown we hooked a nice fish on a squid rig and had a good fight before we were able to gaff and tail rope it. The BFT was in the hundred pound range and after trolling for another couple of hours we had some grilled tuna steak and headed in. Christian and his group went home tired and happy with many tuna steaks. We will be back out this week and hopefully with a wind shift and 90% less boat traffic the action will be great again.

Jim Ansara
Karen Lynn Charters

Awesome Tuna Fishing Trip June 18th!

After convincing our clients to leave the dock really early today (2:30 AM) we headed out to troll the NW corner. We had our lines in the water well before 4:00 AM and by 6:00 AM we had hooked up three bluefins on artificial squid. All the action was on the eastern edge today. By 9:00 AM we hand five hookups and landed three all in the 60-100 lb range. We had a Large or Giant come up and take a look at our rigs but couldn’t get a bite. By 10:00 AM we were jigging for small bluefin that were frenzy feeding on balls of sand eels. All in all a great day on the water!

The Tuna fishing is off to an incredible start this year. This was our second Tuna trip of the season and we can’t believe how good the condition are already at what would typically be considered “early season”. We are totally jazzed about Tuna Fishing this year!

Jim and Collin
Karen Lynn Charters

Boston Striper Shootout- Saturday June 15th

This past Saturday, we had a client charter the Karen Lynn for the Boston Striper Shootout Tournament with a $5k winner take all purse, for the longest fish. We had the 250 gallon livewell packed with live herring and mackeral and lines in the water at 5:00 AM. We had steady action all day releasing about 18 fish in the 34″-40″ with a few a little bigger. We knew that to win we needed a fish over 46″ and we fished right up to the 5:00 PM deadline. Unfortuately that effort and some serious traffic made us miss the 6:00 PM weigh-in in Chelsea by 10 minutes! Not Good. The winning fish was monster at 48 1/2″ so we would have been likely 4th place at best had we made it on time. A fun day of great fishing with a frustrating ending.

Jim and Collin
Karen Lynn Charters

First Light Anglers/Karen Lynn Trip May 28th

On last Wednesday May 28th, Nat and Derek came out with Collin and I to fish for their first time on the Karen Lynn. Also along were Chris Coombs, who works at the FLA shop and will be a mate on the Karen Lynn this year, and Gabe Davis who was along to shoot some video for us.
We left early and had planned to go directly to the NW corner, but we were faced with sloppy sea’s and wind out of the North, gusting to 30 knots. We quickly realized that we would not be able to shoot good video from the tower drifting in confused and big seas so we decided to striper fish inside until the wind laid down a bit.
We had an awesome morning striper fishing with live mackerel in 160′-190′ of water. We caught and released many fish with Collin and Nat landing the biggest fish, both around 40″. In the afternoon the wind had died and we headed to the bank to ground fish and had good success jigging Cod and Haddock on the corner.
We had a great day and really enjoyed taking Derek and Nat out and letting them get to know the boat, especially in rough weather.Attached are a few pictures I took (unprofessional), but as soon as Gabe Davis (professional) gets us his shots, Derek or I will post more pictures.